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Thank you for giving to the University of Alaska (UA) through the UA Foundation. You make exploration possible and you help University of Alaska students to find their paths. Along the way, great things happen – lifelong friends are made, faculty and staff provide guidance and keep students on track, and lives are enriched through the entire educational experience. Students become alumni and, grateful for the support they received, they give  back to help those on the path behind them. Private support matters at the University of Alaska. In partnership with UA’s 16 campuses across the state, the UA Foundation works to increase the private philanthropic support that fosters excellence and paves the way for students, faculty, researchers, and staff to go farther and faster. Lace up your boots, grab your walking stick, and join us on a journey to discover the impact of your philanthropy....

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UAS | Marie Olsen

Marie Olson’s experiences as a young girl in Southeast Alaska have molded her vision of a richly diverse cultural experience at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. She has supported UAS in many ways, including through the Native and Rural Student Center. The mission of the Native & Rural Student Center (NRSC) is to create a student-centered inclusive environment that honors diversity, celebrates cultural traditions and knowledge, and enhances the learning experiences of the University of Alaska Southeast students. Since 1996, the NRSC has provided a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with opportunities to gather with peers, receive academic support, and develop leadership skills. To further her vision, she has also been the driving force behind the formation of the Native and Rural Student Center Scholarship. The fund will provide tuition and other financial assistance to...