UAA | Becky Patterson Bunde

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becky-bundleBecky Patterson Bunde, a Professor Emerita who taught English for 30 years at Anchorage Community College and UAA, created a scholarship that will help nontraditional students. The Becky Patterson and Murphy Turner Endowed Scholarship provides assistance for tuition and related educational expenses to motivated undergraduate students at UAA. Becky is also making annual gifts and directing 80% of her Individual Retirement Account to the scholarship fund.

When Becky passes, her IRA gift will transfer to her scholarship fund outside of probate and the interest will help with scholarship recipients’ tuition, books, and associated expenses, forever.

“Money doesn’t mean anything by itself,” Becky says, “but if you can do something like this, it means a lot. Think of how lucky I am. I got to help people in my career and now it will continue.”