Financial Summary

The UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FOUNDATION provides a variety of services to support UA and its campuses in raising private funds. The foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014. The foundation manages the Consolidated Endowment Fund totaling $319.4 million, which includes both $173.2 in foundation endowment assets from gifts by donors over the years, as well as the university’s land grant endowment of $146.2 million.

During the 2014 fiscal year, the foundation received $5.1 million in new endowment gifts and created 23 new endowments bringing the total to 770 individual endowments. The foundation also manages 738 non-endowed funds that are restricted by donors to a specific purpose. The foundation has a fund to support almost any area of interest at the university.

To learn more about how the Foundation distributes funds to benefit the University and to view full financial data, view the 2014 UA Consolidated Financial Statements.